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                Ceramic antique brick inkjet technology advantages


                Inkjet technology was first developed in Italy, Spain and other countries. It was the third generation of tile printing technology after screen printing and roller printing. It was praised as "the third revolution of tile printing technology"". Bologna ceramics exhibition in Italy in October 2009, about 60% of the exhibits are used in ink-jet printing, is a new non-contact, no pressure, no printing plate printing technology, only need to be stored in a computer inkjet printing machine can print information input.
                Compared with the traditional printing technology, ceramic ink jet technology has obvious advantages lies in:
                1 improve product development efficiency
                Can make full use of the abundant resources of the computer. The software signal can instantly change decoration design, improve the development of new products and production efficiency, and can rely on computer conveniently make complex patterns, improve decorative effect. Contribute to the development of ceramic production to personalize the direction of customization.
                2 improve production efficiency
                From the design output to the firing, the traditional screen printing need at least three days, roller printing needs at least two days, and the ink jet printing technology only needs three to four hours, greatly improving the production efficiency.
                3 more realistic and delicate
                It can easily create 50 times more texture changes than conventional tiles. The range of printing without overlapping textures can reach 50m. The adoption of digital ink jet technology makes the tile's texture change more and the color of the brick face more natural, so the natural imitation stone is realized.
                4, breaking the number limit
                It broke the number limit of roller printing. It can be arbitrary, not limited by the number of pages, concentrated all the colors in a print, greatly improving the color of the richness and sense of hierarchy, giving tiles gorgeous color beauty.
                5 higher definition
                Using inkjet printing, the highest pixels up to 360dpi, equivalent to 12 million pixels of digital cameras, while the traditional printing technology is equivalent to only 3 million pixels. This process makes the product texture levels better, higher clarity, three-dimensional feeling stronger.
                6 reduce breakage rate
                The use of ink-jet printing, without contact with the brick surface, achieved "high flying" printing, greatly reduce printing defects, breakage rate can be reduced to the minimum, and improve the overall quality and grade of products.
                7 energy saving and environmental protection
                Nissan 8000 square meters of ceramic tile calculation, using other printing methods about 4 - 5 tons with glaze, and ink-jet printing ink only 1 and a half tons of ink, the utilization rate reached 98%, almost no waste, and cleaner and more environmental protection, the huge consumption of glazed ceramic industry, will reduce the consumption of resources is not less.
                The application of ink jet technology makes the surface of the brick surface changeable, stripes and color blocks are scattered vertically and horizontally, the lines are exquisite and the color transition is natural. In order to ensure the realistic lines at the same time, using high density glaze Italy Carlo Shakespeare Company, to ensure that the brick surface wear-resistant, non slip, easy infiltration of sewage.
                Good design can highlight the advantages of inkjet technology, and inkjet technology also released the designer's inspiration, from the stone can be seen in the brick surface printing level, make tile decorative effect more perfect, more rich texture, are excellent for use in Home Furnishing space, commercial space effect.
                In order to meet the needs of the ceramic market, the development of inkjet technology is changing with each passing day. The development of red ink and the integration of ink jet and glaze can be seen that the inkjet technology is constantly optimized and constantly breaking through the bottleneck. And the day after, enhance the clarity and stability of ink varieties increased, will strengthen the inkjet technology upgrade unremitting goal.